Bridesmaid Expenditures at a wedding: Do’s and Don’ts


Bridesmaids are an essential part of any wedding; for the bride at least. They help her out on so many issues and are there right by her side during the most important moment of her life. That being said, there are some expenses that will occur over the course of a wedding that bridesmaids are traditionally expected to cover.

However, there are also things that they are not responsible to cover at all. All of that is explained in elaborate detail below.

The Do’s

Hotel and Travel:

On the off chance that the wedding is taking place out of the city or even the country, the bridesmaids are expected to cover their own stay. If it’s something within your budget then well and good, otherwise you can discuss with the bride and go half-half. 

The Ensemble:

The bridesmaids are expected to cover their own items such as the dresses, shoes and accessories like jewelry and other items. This makes it easier for the bride to focus on her preparations and also eases her mind off of it. You could use the rent option if you don’t want to buy a dress.

Bridal Shower Gift:

Every bridesmaid is traditionally expected to present the bride with a gift. It’s not mandatory by any means but is part of a tradition for ages. There isn’t any need for an expensive item. You can check some of the registry to see what items can be bought. This makes it easier for you to get a relevant gift for them.

Bachelorette Party:

A bachelorette party is completely on the bridesmaids. They’re responsible to get a good night of fun secured for the bride-to-be and make this a special night for her in all the ways possible. 

A Wedding Present:

Now this is where it gets tricky, for the bridesmaids. In addition to the bridal shower gift, you’ll have to cough up enough money for a nice wedding gift. Again, it’s not mandatory but it is part of a grand tradition. You can prefer to pool the money with the other bridesmaids and get one expensive gift for the bride.


Bouquets, Corsages and Floral Accessories:

The aesthetically pleasing bouquets and flowers are all on the bride. She and her family are expected to pay for these items as well as provide any additional bouquets if necessary. 


All the transport of the bridesmaids before, during and after the wedding is on the bride, who has to ensure that they arrive, stay and depart safely from the wedding venue. The bride and groom’s family can divide those expenses up if necessary.


You’ve hired a hair stylist and makeup artist for thousands of dollars just to make sure that the bride and her bridesmaids all look beautiful. The bridesmaids don’t have to pay for either of these services.

Accommodation the Night Before:

Ideally, the bridesmaids move in the location on the eve of the wedding. Hence, they shouldn’t have to pay for that particular stay and are covered by the bride.


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