3 Tips for Picture-Perfect Makeup on Your Wedding Day


While some brides choose to have their makeup applied by a professional makeup artist on their wedding day, others apply their own makeup so they can have more control over their wedding day look or simply keep their wedding day budget lower. 

If you plan to apply your own makeup on your big day, you must choose your wedding day makeup products and application techniques carefully to ensure your final look photographs well and stays in place all day long with little need for touch-ups. 

Read on to learn three tips for picture-perfect makeup on your wedding day. 

1. Skip These Makeup Ingredients That Promote Camera Flashback

Some makeup ingredients promote a flash photography phenomenon known as camera flashback. The light of a camera flash can bounce off of these ingredients and create the appearance of a white cast on your face in your wedding photos. 

A few of the most common makeup ingredients known to cause camera flashback include zinc oxide and titanium oxide, which are both found in many foundations and concealers that contain SPF, and silica, which is found in some makeup setting powders. 

To prevent camera flashback, wear only foundations and concealers that do not contain SPF on your wedding day and swap the setting powder that contains silica for one that contains cornstarch instead. 

Also, apply sparkly or shimmery makeup products that contain mica sparingly. Mica has light-reflective properties, which is why makeup products that contain it appear to sparkle. When the intense light of a camera flash hits mica particles, the shimmery effect of these products is greatly amplified. 

2. Contour Your Face to Add Dimension in Photos

Every face appears a little different in photos than in everyday life because photos are two-dimensional images of faces, which are three-dimensional. However, you can help counteract the loss of dimension in your face in photos by strategically applying facial contouring products to your face on your big day. When applied properly, these products enhance existing facial dimension to the face to compensate for the loss of dimension in photos. 

Choose a facial contour cream or powder that is just slightly darker than your skin tone and apply it to strategic areas of your face only. A few of these areas include in the hollows of your cheeks underneath your cheekbones, along the sides of the bridge of your nose, along your jawline, and across the top of your forehead near your hairline. 

Optionally, you can also highlight strategic areas of your face to further increase facial dimension. Choose a highlighter that is slightly lighter than your skin tone and apply it just above your cheek bones, down the center of the bridge of your nose, on the tip of your chin, and on the middle of your forehead. 

3. Embrace Makeup Primers and Setting Spray

If you traditionally skip makeup primers and setting sprays that help prolong the wear of makeup, then you should consider investing one or more to use on your wedding day. The use of these products can help your makeup stay fresh-looking throughout your wedding ceremony, photo sessions, and reception. 

Foundation primers contain ingredients that help your foundation adhere to your skin properly to promote longer wear. Some also absorb the natural oil that your skin produces throughout the day to keep this oil from breaking down your foundation. 

An eye shadow primer typically creates a slightly tacky film on your eyelids that helps eye shadows adhere to your eyelids properly and remain in place throughout the day.

Finally, when you apply a fine mist of setting spray to your face after makeup application, this spray creates a film that helps prolong the life of your makeup even further. 

If you plan to apply your own makeup on your wedding day, then follow these three tips to achieve a makeup look that photographs well and lasts all day and night. Reach out to the staff at LV Photography to book one of our expert wedding photographers today. 



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