4 High Roller Las Vegas Wedding Photo Shoot Ideas


Las Vegas is known as a city of high rollers with gamblers and the rich taking advantage of all the glitz and glam. If you plan to get married in the city of Las Vegas, then your wedding photos can represent the same high roller status without the actual need to have millions in the bank.

With a little creativity, you can enhance your photoshoots, create some fun wedding portraits, and really take advantage of your time in the city. Check out some of the ideas and ways to work with a photographer on photo ideas.

1. Luxury Car Rentals

Nothing says high roller in Las Vegas more than pulling up to a casino in a luxury car. The addition of a luxury car is a great way to enhance a photo and gives you a lot of posing options in front of the vehicle. In Las Vegas, you can find many luxury car rental locations that will offer luxury car options for a single day if needed.

Consider the rental of luxury cars like a Porsche, Jaguar, or Lamborghini. When you go to rent a car, take a lot of consideration for the color. If the wedding couple wears traditional white and black outfits, then a luxury car with a bright and vivid color will really pop and create a nice background in photos. Alternatively, choose a color that matches your wedding colors or flower colors.

Along with exterior car shots, consider interior shots. For example, you could rent a limo ride for the night and have pictures taken in the back of a limo.

2. High-Rise Hotel Rooms

A luxury suite is the sign of a high roller in Las Vegas, but you don't need the most expensive room to represent the high roller lifestyle through your photographers. Ideally, you just need a room that is on a high floor and offers a clear view of the Las Vegas strip. From there, a photographer can capture incredible images of a wedding couple with Las Vegas in the background.

Shots through hotel windows look great at night and can capture some of the more quiet moments like a bride or groom getting ready for the ceremony. If the room has an overlook or balcony, then you have a lot more options for pictures. The higher rooms will have more wind and the chance to create shots that are more dramatic.

3. Night Shots

Hotel room photos will work best at night, but you can also represent the high roller style by going out into the streets of Las Vegas for some pictures. A photographer can capture pictures in front of some of the fanciest hotels and resorts in the Las Vegas area. You could pose in front of the Bellagio Fountains or a hotel like the Wynn.

The night shots will showcase all of the lights in the city and create flashy photos. Take some time to plan areas to visit and inquire with a photographer about some of the best places to shoot.

4. Gambling Novelty Shots

Gambling and winning big is a huge part of the high roller status in Las Vegas. Add some physical money to pictures to represent high roller status. Go to the bank to take out 50- and 100-dollar bills to pose with in fun ways for photos.

Consider the rental of casino equipment, as many casinos have a policy against professional photos on the casino floor. You have the option to rent casino equipment and set up your own high roller shots. Rent equipment like slot machines or poker tables to use as props for photo backgrounds. Pose around the props or just use them as creative backgrounds. You could even make the props part of your ceremony or reception.

Contact us at LV Photography to set up your high roller inspired photoshoot. Plan out ideas, set schedules, and make your photo visions come to life with an experienced professional who knows the Las Vegas area inside and out.



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