Eloping? Why You Still Need a Professional Wedding Photographer


Eloping is an increasingly popular way to craft the wedding day you really want — without all the expense and stress of a big wedding. But the unfamiliarity of eloping often gives rise to questions about how it should work, what you may or may not want to include, or how to achieve the best results. 

One area that many couples wonder about is professional photography. Should you hire a wedding photographer even if just eloping? What challenges exist and how can you overcome them? Discover some answers to your questions.

Why Is Elopement Photography Hard?

Wedding photographs are some of the most important mementos of your nuptials. And getting good ones always requires some skill and training. But elopement photography comes with additional challenges.

For instance, many couples who elope choose alternative wedding venues like parks, lakes, the courthouse, or a backyard. Your photographer may or may not have all the normal tools they would have in a traditional wedding. This includes electricity, good lighting, ability to control access, artificial lighting, and backup photographic supplies. What you need to counter this is someone with the experience to make it work anyway. 

You may also face a limited pool of available photographers. Eloping far from home means most family or friends can't come to help out. You may not want to publicize your nuptials among your friends or family to avoid drama. Or the location might prove too challenging for amateur photographers. 

Why Else Should You Work With a Pro?

Don't underestimate your big day just because it's smaller, less formal, or planned faster than a larger wedding. This is still your wedding day and the start of a new chapter as a family. Why treat it as less important? You have a one-time opportunity to create lasting memories from this unique and intimate day, but you'll need someone you can count on to capture those memories well. 

Depending on your reasons for eloping and the elopement you choose, you may also have more money in the wedding budget. Couples who don't have to pay for large wedding venues, full dinners, cocktails, decorations, wedding cakes, and the rest of the trappings can often splurge on other wedding day facets. Spending extra budgetary funds on the best photographer you can is a smart place to put some of that savings. 

How Long Should You Have a Photographer?

So, if you decide to hire a proper wedding photographer, what should you try to capture?

First, many photographers contract for a minimum number of hours. Do you worry that four, six, or eight hours is too much for an intimate ceremony without a full reception? Don't be so quick to judge. Remember that you, your party, and the photographer may have to travel far to your location. If that spot is nontraditional or unfamiliar, you need time to work out the kinks. And you want to explore the area for the best shots. 

However, don't forget about the rest of the day. Most couples still spend a full day preparing for and executing their wedding vision. A photographer can capture the fun of getting ready, the adventure of reaching your elopement location, and whatever festivities you have planned with friends or family afterward. You may need more time than you expect. 

Where Can You Start?

Learn more about eloping and its unique challenges for couples getting hitched by meeting with LV Photography. No matter what the ceremony location, the size and shape of the big day, or what its strengths and weaknesses are, we can help you create the lasting memories you deserve. Call today to make an appointment or get answers to your questions.



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