Common Misconceptions About Wedding Photography


Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life. You probably want to be able to keep a record of the entire event. After all, getting married isn't something you do every day.

As you search for the best wedding photographer to capture your special day, you've probably come across tons of information. The internet offers a lot of truthful information, but it also offers lots of misguided ideas that may not serve you.

Read on to learn about some of the most common wedding photography myths.

Friends and Family Members Can Do the Job

Whatever the conditions and the specifics of the situation, photographers have the training and experience to take beautiful pictures.

Non-experts cannot always handle difficult lighting or odd angles as well as experts. Non-experts can also have difficulty implementing specific ideas the bride and groom requested.

The Quality of the Photos Depends on the Camera

A professional camera does not automatically make someone a photographer. Photography is a creative art; the camera is just a tool to capture the moment. 

Professionals with experience make photography seem so easy because they have the knowledge. Professional photographers know how to adjust the equipment for the best results. 

Furthermore, professionals follow specific techniques and rules when using such cameras and lenses.

Give Your Photographer a Shot List

You might have a list of scenes you want to be captured on your wedding day, which is understandable. However, directing your photographer is not recommended. Miscommunication might occur, and feelings of frustration and wasted time might follow. 

Allow your photographer to take the lead and loosen the reins; after all, you hired them for their expertise. You should let the photographer do their job and allow them to surprise you.

If you must have a list, give it to a family member or bridesmaid to gather people for the shots. Consequently, you will save time and enable your professional to create the images that drew you in.

More Photos Are Better

You've probably heard this one before. After all, the more photos you have, the more likely you will find Instagram-worthy shots. Well, not always.

Choosing a package with hundreds of photos will make your photographer feel obligated to take as many photos as possible. Consequently, you might receive photos you don't want or need. 

Photos are more about quality than quantity. Selecting the right package of photos for your wedding can allow your photographer to focus on the most critical shots.

The More Expensive the Photographer, the Better

In some cases, you do get what you pay for. Some qualified professional photographers charge more than others, and their work is worth the price. But you should remember that just because others charge less doesn't necessarily mean the service is not worthwhile.

Choosing the right wedding photographer means choosing someone who matches the tone and style you want for your wedding. You should also pay attention to the quality of the shots and editing. The photographer must be reliable enough in their work to not cut corners for convenience's sake.

Wedding Photographers Only Work on the Wedding Day

Most clients believe that photographers work only on the wedding day, then an album appears afterward.

The wedding day is just the beginning. Following the photo shoot, the photographer has to carry out a host of tasks before delivering the photos. The process starts with selecting the best shots, editing them, adding effects, and creating the wedding album. This process can take several days or weeks, so try to have patience.

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