Capture Your Entire Wedding Experience With These Photos


While the wedding celebration and reception are the pinnacles of your wedding day, that is far from all that takes place on this singular day. Capture all of the major moments of the day (and even some beforehand) with these wedding photos.

Wedding Eve Pictures

You will undoubtedly spend the night before your wedding with those who matter most to you. You may reminisce about times you've spent together, enjoy a favorite activity that you've often done together, or have one last new hurrah before your married life begins.

Wherever you do on your wedding eve, capture those final moments with your close family or friends. You will certainly see these people after the wedding, but this night marks the beginning of your transition from singlehood to married life. The transition will change your relationships to some degree.

Consider hiring a wedding photographer for the evening before your wedding. They will know how to perfectly pose for those intimate pictures that capture you and your loved ones’ closeness. You may want a single photographer or two so that one photographer can capture your evening and another can capture your spouse's.

Pre-Wedding Preparation Pictures

The morning before your wedding will be a chaotic mixture of stress, humor, and fun. With so many activities planned and so much to get done, you are bound to have some unexpected happenings. A missing piece of jewelry, unexpected rain shower, surprise breakfast delivery, or beautiful rainbow can create moments where people respond in different ways. 

While you might not appreciate it at the time, these sorts of moments can cause tears, smiles, and everything in between — and you will laugh about all of the moments long after your wedding. The unexpected is what makes your wedding day particularly unique.

Make sure you capture such impromptu moments with pictures of when they happen. You might not even be aware of some moments that wedding party members experience, but everyone can share their experiences in the coming weeks as you all look through the pictures.

In order to get good pictures when things happen, have a wedding photographer spend the morning before your wedding with you. You may want to hire two wedding photographers — one for each soon-to-be spouse — for the entire morning.

Wedding Ceremony Pictures

A professional wedding photographer will know what classic pictures should happen during your wedding ceremony, and this is a time when you want to rely on their expertise. While you focus on actually getting married, trust your hired professional to capture the seating, procession, ring exchange, embrace, and other moments that are part of almost every ceremony.

Wedding Reception Pictures

The wedding reception has both formal and informal parts, and you will want to capture everything that happens. 

A professional wedding photographer can take pictures of all the official activities, such as the cake cutting, toasts, and first dance. They will know how to position themselves for great photographs of unplanned moments between guests.

A single wedding photographer can only be in one place, however, and no single person can be everywhere during a wedding reception. You can continue to have two wedding photographers work for the rest of the day.

Alternatively, you can set old-fashioned disposable film cameras on each of the wedding tables for guests to use. While guests will naturally take their own digital pictures on phones and cameras, you might not see all of these pictures. You can get the disposable film cameras developed after guests use them, and then look at all of the moments they captured.

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