4 Reasons to Have an Engagement Shoot


An engagement photo shoot may seem like an additional expense when you're in the middle of wedding preparations. However, you have a lot of advantages to doing a practice shoot before the big event. Discover the top reasons for scheduling an engagement session.

1. Get More Comfortable in Front of a Camera

Many people have little or no experience with having professionals take their photos. As a result, you may feel awkward when a camera points in your direction.

To avoid such issues on our wedding day, consider booking an engagement photography session. During the session, your photographer will have the chance to gradually introduce the idea and experience of taking your pictures.

One of the tricks that professional wedding photographers use to make you comfortable is allowing you to choose your favorite place for the photography session. The photographers also try to be friendly during the session to make you loosen up since they understand that you are likely nervous.

Additionally, your photographer will tell you the best couple poses that can capture your real feelings. With time, your confidence will increase.

2. Get to Know Your Wedding Photographer

Your wedding photographer is so much more than simply a lens and a shutter click. On your wedding day, this person will spend hours with you, capturing special moments and documenting one of the most important days of your life.

You probably picked your photographer based on their portfolio, Instagram, and a brief encounter. Nevertheless, getting to know someone requires spending time together in a casual setting.

The best time to know your photographer is during an engagement shoot. Ask your photographer about their motivation for becoming a wedding photographer and what their best moment at a wedding is. Additionally, if you have any issues with your photographer, you can point them out during the engagement shoot. The more at ease you are with your photographer, the better your photos will look.

3. Have Photos to Use for Your Wedding Details

For your wedding to feel special, you need to personalize the event. One of the best ways to personalize your wedding is by printing a large photo of the two of you and placing it at the entrance of the wedding venue.

Depending on the date of your engagement photoshoot, you can use the photos on your wedding invitation cards, website, or other wedding-related materials. Additionally, if you love social media, you can use the photos to update your profiles.

If you don't have a good photo as a couple, the engagement shoot will be the best opportunity to take one. These professionals have the right expertise and experience to take good quality photos that will give people a good impression of you.

4. Celebrate Your Engagement

The proposal and the subsequent engagement period are crucial in your relationship. However, the period between the proposal and your wedding day can be too short, especially if you have a busy work schedule.

Arranging for an engagement shoot can be a great way to capture these fleeting memories. Often, couples discover that their engagement photography is an unexpected opportunity for bonding that they can cherish through their images.

Although you can choose to dress up and have a gorgeous fashion session, the images and your shoot can be as casual and laid-back as you prefer. Choose the photography style and the types of pictures you want because this is your shoot.

Although an engagement photoshoot is optional, capturing these moments can be good for your memories. The photography session can also help you prepare for your big day, ensuring everything flows smoothly. If you want a photographer to capture your special moments, contact LV Photography.



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