4 Retro Las Vegas Locations for Your Wedding Photos


The city of Las Vegas has a lot of history, as once casinos were built, the city became one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world. If you plan to get married in Las Vegas, you can capture the historical perspective of the city through the photos you take.

When planning ahead, you can scout out specific locations and find historical areas to have your photos taken at.

1. The Golden Gate Hotel & Casino

Originally built in 1906, the Golden Gate Hotel & Casino is truly vintage Las Vegas, as it is the oldest casino in the city and still stands. Located right on the end of Fremont Street, the casino makes an ideal backdrop for vintage Las Vegas pictures. You can have images taken just outside the casino or across the street to capture the whole casino in the backdrop.

Once inside, the casino has many vintage decorations and elements that can become a part of the photography. You could even book a room at the hotel to capture some nice portraits in the old-fashioned rooms. When you dress up in vintage wedding outfits, the whole retro casino can fit into the photography, especially with black and white images.

2. The Neon Museum

Pose with a truly classic part of Las Vegas at the Neon Museum. As casinos closed and shut down over the years, the museum began collecting some of the landmark casino signs. Guests can tour the museum, see the signs lit up, and use them as backdrops for wedding photography.

Signs include many vintage Las Vegas locations, like the Moulin Rouge, the Stardust casino, and older Caesar's Palace decor. The museum allows you to book your personal photography sessions so you have plenty of time to shoot around the area, explore, and capture your ideal photos.

One of the main highlights of the museum is the ground level outdoor setting. The signs are all placed on the ground so you can step close to them and easily pose with all of the lights and colors. The outdoor setting gives photographers a chance to use natural light and create stunning images for your wedding.

3. The Nevada State Museum

Another museum with real Las Vegas relics is the Nevada State Museum. A whole wing of the museum is dedicated to the rise of the city of Las Vegas, including old slot machines, decorations, and large images of the city from decades ago. You can pose for a lot of pictures inside the museum as you capture the spirit of Las Vegas.

Rotating exhibits may also feature classic Las Vegas attractions. By viewing the museum's schedule, you can find exhibits that fit your vision for wedding photos and plan accordingly. Ideally, you want exhibits with large props and displays that can enhance the photos you take.

4. Coin-Operated Slot Machines

Long before digitized slots became the norm in Las Vegas, a lot of the machines relied on coin-based technology. Classic reel slots would spin, stop, and create ambiance as coins clanged down into trays when a person won. While a lot of the slot machines are no longer operational, you can find some casinos with real coin-based slots.

The El Cortez Hotel & Casino features a few rows of the vintage slot machines still in operation. The slots are lit up and provide bright visuals for photography. Every casino has different rules when it comes to photography near gaming machines, so you will want to contact a casino and receive permission before planning your wedding photo session.

With permission, you can take your time, find an ideal location, and use the vintage slots as a key part of the photography.

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