4 Keys to Bring Out Your Personality in Wedding Photos


Your wedding photos are among the most long-lasting mementos of your big day. But with so many weddings happening every year and so many couples doing the same thing, your pictures could feel cookie-cutter. What makes you unique might get lost in the desire to capture all the important photos that everyone feels they must get.

How can you avoid this problem and make sure your uniqueness as a couple shines? Here are four steps to take. 

1. Get to Know Your Photographer

Your wedding photographer is your biggest ally in capturing the right personality and pictures. But they need to know you as individuals and as a couple, so be open with them. 

From the early interviews to your ongoing meetings, talk honestly about your expectations, your goals, and your feelings about the wedding day. Let them know what concerns you have about the big event, if there are angles you don't want photographed, what you're most excited about, and how your family will interact.

All these details help the photographer tailor their photo plan to get what you want. It helps them not spend time on things that aren't important to you. And it gives them an idea how to draw out who you are as a couple in the pictures. 

2. Use Your Décor and Props

Props can add personality in several ways. First, they highlight and display your unique wedding elements and the items you love about your wedding. This could be anything from the beautiful shoes you fell in love with to the handmade signs your bridal party made to grace the head table. The items you incorporate into your photos set your pictures apart. 

Second, using props gives photo subjects something to interact with and a chance to be more relaxed and have fun. When people are more relaxed, laugh or joke, or get a little silly or mushy, their true personalities come out better. So gather everyone around your ‘just hitched’ sign, and take a silly picture. It could become your favorite shot. 

3. Make Your Own List

When you research wedding photography and talk with an experienced photographer, you will quickly learn about the common list of must-have wedding pictures. This usually includes photos of getting ready and putting on the veil as well as the cake, the first look, or the first dance. And while capturing these is important, make your own list of what's truly most important to you. 

Your list will probably include many common favorites, such as cutting the cake. But it should also include things like Grandma's face when you walk down the aisle, close-ups of your vintage necklace, or group shots around the antique car you spent extra money to rent. These may end up meaning more to you than what the industry expects you to value. 

4. Don't Skimp on Budget

You may need to put a little extra wedding budget into the photography in order to get the pictures that will mean the most. For instance, if you hire the photographer for an extra hour or two, you might be able to go to a separate location and take some relaxed pictures together. And a large wedding bash might call for to photographers so you don't miss anything.

Additionally, if you hire a good quality photography service, you'll get better results than you would if you place cheap cost above all other considerations. If you're on a budget, it may be worth it to sacrifice a few wedding favors in order to hire a more experienced photographer. 

Want more ideas for bringing out the unique parts of your wedding and your personalities in your pictures? Meet with the wedding photo experts at LV Photography today. Together, we can create the perfect memories for your wedding. 



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