Help Your Wedding Photographer With These 6 Tips


Your wedding photographer is an invaluable part of making your day truly magical. But what can you do before the photographer arrives to help them get the best out of the big day? Here are seven simple moves any couple can take in preparation.

1. Add Time to Your Schedule

The photographer needs time to capture all those perfect shots. Ensure they have that by building it into the wedding day timeline you prepare ahead of time. For instance, photographers often need an hour to get photos while the bride and attendants get ready. And photographing the ceremony site might take at least 30 minutes. Consult in advance with your photographer for timelines, then make it happen. 

2. Arrange for Vendor Meals

Have you made sure that those who will work during the festivities are fed and hydrated? The photographer, in particular, may not take the initiative to eat properly during the long hours from beginning to end. Arrange with your caterer to include meals for key vendors and let the photographer and others know the plan.

A great time for your photographer to enjoy a quick bite is early in the dinner service when guests are either eating or waiting. 

3. Make a Key Shot List

You and your partner should decide ahead of time what pictures are the most important to you. This wedding photo list shouldn't attempt to be exhaustive, though. Photographers are experienced at knowing the popular shots everyone wants. They also have their own skills and creativity to get shots they know will be fantastic.

Your contribution is to provide a list of things that are especially important to you. During the family pictures, for instance, you may want pictures with specific individuals outside the norm. You might make sure to capture Grandpa doing his famous chicken dance. There may be a view at the venue that you really love. Or you could just want to ensure they photograph those fabulous shoes you bought. 

4. Designate a Liaison

While the wedding couple will spend a lot of time with the photographer and be personally involved, the photographer should also have a liaison to speak with at other times. After all, the couple will be very busy all day. A liaison should know most of the wedding party and family members to help direct the photographer. They may give the final payment to the photographer on behalf of the couple. And they should know the wedding schedule and locations. 

5. Gather the Details

Photographing the tiny details of your wedding is an important part of your album. Help your photographer capture these by gathering them and making them available for pictures. A bride, for instance, might ensure that her dress, veil, shoes, and jewelry is all together at one location and available to the photographer before she starts getting ready. You could also put aside a sampling of favors for use in pictures. 

6. Clean Up Spaces

Getting ready for a wedding is a messy business, but that doesn't usually make for nice pictures. Clear and clean up these rooms before you begin the final part of the 'getting ready' process. You might also arrange for helpers to keep the room presentable even as you actively get ready. And if the photographer will take pictures of the ceremony or reception before guests arrive, make sure it's 'picture-ready' early. 

Your photographer will appreciate any attempt by the wedding couple to make their work easier and more successful. Want more ideas you can put into practice now? Start by consulting with an experienced professional. LV Photography is ready to help. We will work with you to ensure that all the special moments of your big day are captured for a lifetime of amazing memories. 



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