Many seniors (or parents of seniors) are unsure what is the best time of year to take their Senior Portraits. To be honest, almost every month of the year is ideal, just depending on your preferences. 

Let me explain:

Choosing which month is best for your photos, you need to ask yourself how you would like to be photographed, when you want to send out your graduation announcements and whether your session need to include yearbook photos and if so, when those need to b

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I promise to deliver an amazing, custom-design fashion portrait experience that will be a highlight of your high school senior year. 

And you can count on me to help you every step of the way with your high school senior portraits. 

I’m here to help you choose a location that is meaningful to you, style your senior portrait session, choose the perfect outfits, and discuss hair and makeup options. And on the day of the shoot we’ll make you feel like a

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#1 TIP -  Have a vision


When I’m preparing for a shoot, I have a set vision of what I want the finished product to look like. 

I have all these ideas in my head prior to even photographing. So when it’s time to shoot, I need to get those ideas out of my head and onto the camera.

The dedication to having a vision before I even get on location is something that has drasticall

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