Meet Your Wedding Vendor Dream Team


Meet Your Vendor Dream Team

It’s true that almost everything comes with a lot of pressure during a wedding. Even the most mundane tasks can seem complicated because any minute error could unravel the entire wedding. This is why there are people who plan their wedding for months and even years. 

In order for your wedding to go ahead smoothly, without the slightest of hindrances it is important that you choose the best team to manage it. A vendor dream team can only be achieved if you put some thorough research into it. A vendor dream team can really elevate your wedding to a stuff of dreams if they do their jobs right.

So, if you plan to tie the knot in Las Vegas and want to assemble your own vendor dream team then these are the areas you should look into:


While almost all of the attention during a wedding is the bride and the groom, as soon as the ceremony is over the question on everyone’s mind is the food. The food at your wedding can either make or break your wedding. So be sure to go for the best catering option in Las Vegas. The catering will be a crucial part of your wedding dream team. 

Some of the most highly recommended names for catering Las Vegas include Renaissance Catering, All About Catering as well as Poppa Naps BBQ. However, you should do your own research too in order to figure out which option best suits your catering needs.

The Limo service:

What’s the point of a wedding in Las Vegas if you don’t plan to arrive in style inside a Limo? You don’t have to buy a separate Limo to fulfill this unspoken rule but there are rent options for you to make use of. A Limo will add class and sophistication to your vendor dream team and you need to go for the best options available.

Services like The Presidential Limousine, VIP Limousines of Nevada as well as Elite Transportation are well-known for their services in different wedding ceremonies. Additionally, they can cater to everyone’s budget in order to make their services as tenable as possible. 

You can also find other options for your dream team but be sure to hire the best service possible for your wedding.


If there’s one thing Las Vegas is known for, it’s its magnificent hotels. This includes names like the Bellagio, Cesar Palace, Wynn, Venetian etc that have made their name through years of quality service as well as fame through multiple movie and TV show references. 

These venues present the ideal spot for your stay if you plan to get married in Las Vegas and would definitely make your vendor dream team a reality in every sense.

Flower shops:

And finally, the one element of any wedding that increases the aesthetics i.e. the flowers. Las Vegas is known for its charm and vibrancy, so you’ll want flowers at your wedding that present that same feeling. There are numerous Flower shops in Las Vegas that would make fine additions to your wedding dream team. Thimbleberry House, Flowers by Richard and Desert Rose Florist, have all been reliable names in wedding flowers across Las Vegas and would be ideal choices.


If you’d like a professional photography service to capture the snaps from your special day, then contact LV Photography here and let us make your wedding day even more special. 



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