Key Questions to ask your Wedding Videographer


 Your wedding is probably one of the most, if not the most, important events in your life. You will tie the knot with the person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with. You’ll share all your moments of sorrow, happiness, satisfaction and dissatisfaction with this person. It is for this reason that people want to capture the highlights of this event as clearly as they can. Thanks to technology this has become easier.

The wedding videographer will be in charge of recording everything at your wedding, such as the nervous preparations, the final rehearsals as well as the post-wedding celebrations. You want the best videographer at your wedding in order to make sure no previous moment goes unnoticed.

So, before you hire any videographer for your wedding, be sure to ask them these important questions:

How experienced:

It is both good and relieving to know that your wedding videographer is experienced at what he does. That’s not to say a new videographer couldn’t do as decent job but for such a special day in your life, you’ll probably want someone experienced and who knows what they’re doing.

Their style:

It is important to note that different wedding videographers have different styles. There’s essentially no bad or better style. It all depends on what each couple prefers. That being said, pick the videographer whose style appeals to you the most. The best way to judge their style is to request for a sample of their previous work.

What’s their motivation?

There is a lot of professional and thoroughly experienced videographer who treat weddings as a project for themselves. Chances are that a videographer might want to try something different or unique for your wedding. It is good to understand what he expects from this wedding and whether he wants to follow a conventional route or wants to do something different. Have a specific idea of what you want your wedding footage to be like and discuss it with them to ensure they’re on board.

How busy is their schedule:

This is an important detail that you need to know about. Often a videographer has several weddings to cover which makes it impossible for them to provide extra care and attention to your wedding. Ideally, you should look for a videographer who’s free or not overly booked during that time frame in order for them to focus on your wedding. It is a very special day in your life and you don’t want your wedding videographer to be thinking about another project while on the job.

The equipment:

Though it’s not necessary that you’ll have that in-depth knowledge of the best wedding video equipment either, it’s still good to be sure that your wedding videographer is using the latest equipment. Not only will it enhance the quality of your wedding footage but also make their job easier.

The budget:

While most videographers have their own prices, the typical industry standard is more or less the same. There are plenty of packages that they offer, each with its own pricing as well as its own perks and advantages. Be sure to get a clear budgetary estimate from your videographer.


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