How UK Citizens can get married in Las Vegas


How UK Citizens can get married in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known and popular around the world for so many different reasons. There are multiple movies and TV shows that have depicted its famous hotels, the limousines, the casinos as well as the splendor of the city. There’s something for everyone in this city of gold. One of these things is weddings. 

This might come as a surprise to some, but Las Vegas is among one of the most popular wedding locations for both Americans and foreigners. Every year, millions of tourists come from within the US as well as from around the world simply to get married in this majestic city.

That is why it’s not surprising to learn how common British weddings are in Las Vegas. 

The city is the perfect spot for a number of reasons. It’s sunny, warm and has all the vibrancy anyone could ask for one their wedding. 

So, here’s a guide on how to have the perfect British wedding in Las Vegas

The documents:

This is one of the most important things that you’ll need if you plan on having a traditional British wedding in Las Vegas. Almost any chapel is going to ask for these documents for reference and verification purposes. Have your passport and driving license with you and take it to the Las Vegas License Bureau to get yourself a $77 license. 

The wedding location:

This is most probably the most important element of any British wedding in Las Vegas. The reason for that is even though you’re in Las Vegas and you want to remember it fondly, you want those little reminders of home. Ri Ra, The Irish Pub has its own wedding chapel services and has been incredibly well regarded and recommended by the British couples who tied the knot here. 

Located in the heart of Las Vegas, it combines the homely British atmosphere along with that famous Las Vegas vibrancy. The perfect place to get married in Las Vegas.

The Dresses:

This is another crucial element of your British wedding in Las Vegas. While a lot of people come to this city with their own wedding dresses determined to get married, a lot of couples make impromptu decisions too. For the latter, there are several services that not only offer rental wedding dresses for both the bride and the groom but also limo services as well. Make sure you take advantage of these services during your wedding in Las Vegas.

The night out:

Night is when the actual fun of Las Vegas really comes to light. The city is full of stuff you can do for your after-wedding party. There are restaurants, including Ri Ra that offer all-night parties as well as the various hotels that offer a complimentary one additional night of stay. A lot of couple also decide to take on another one of Las Vegas’ famous vestiges i.e. casinos. There are a lot of casinos that offer credit to newly married couples in Las Vegas.


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