Seldom asked wedding questions – Answered


Seldom asked wedding questions – Answered

A wedding is a busy event to carry out. The bride, the grooms, the bridesmaids, the photographers, the caterers etc everyone’s hurrying on with their jobs. In all the commotion, there are chances that some slight detail might be overlooked which may cause significant problems going forward.

To ensure that nothing of that sort happens and that no minor hiccups end up blemishing the wedding ceremony, here are those often ignored questions that might potentially make or break the wedding ceremony.

The bride’s veil:

For most of the modern veil styles as well as the traditional kinds, it is usually the father who lifts up the veil to reveal the bride’s face. He follows it up by giving her away. Another way is to keep her face veiled until the couple shares their first kiss as a married couple.

Where to stand:

This could be a tricky question. We’ve seen the routine being followed in nearly a thousand different movies and TV shows but we’re still unsure how it’s decided where do the bride and groom sit. There’s no fixed procedure and the bride and groom can stand wherever they want. Traditionally, in Christian households, the bride stands on the left and groom on the right. However, in Jewish ceremonies, it’s the opposite. Wherever the couple stands, their guests follow suit by sitting on that side of the aisle.

The cake:

The cake needs to be cut as soon as possible. There are some guests who might want to leave early or even leave as soon as the dinner ends. It is essential that you get the cutting out of the way as early as possible.

The drive:

It is essential that you get your bridesmaids and best men to the reception. Their transport is the bride and groom’s responsibility. You can arrange private transport or have them arrange their own carpool and compensate them later on.

The engagement ring:

Now that you’re getting ready to wear your wedding ring, what do you do with your engagement ring? Well, you can either wear it on your other hand or have someone else wear it for you till the ceremony is over. 

The first kiss:

Now this might be one of the most basic things that any couple can get wrong. Just be natural and don’t do anything to catch your partner by surprise.

How to greet the guests:

Don’t let your guests stand around the wedding hall like they’re in some sort of a seminar. The best way to greet them properly is to go to each table individually and thank them for their attendance. At the end of the reception, thank the guests for coming and also make a note to thank the people who made your wedding possible i.e. the staff, caterers and the vendors. 


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