The Best Time of the Year to Take Senior Portraits


Many seniors (or parents of seniors) are unsure what is the best time of year to take their Senior Portraits. To be honest, almost every month of the year is ideal, just depending on your preferences. 

Let me explain:

Choosing which month is best for your photos, you need to ask yourself how you would like to be photographed, when you want to send out your graduation announcements and whether your session need to include yearbook photos and if so, when those need to be submitted.

Here is a breakdown of the different months of the year and what the advantage to each month is for you:


September is a popular month to get your senior pictures taken. For seniors who don’t like the heat of Las Vegas summer. At this point in the year appointment spaces for afternoons and Saturdays fill very quickly. This time of the year would be great for those students that get out of school early, as we need to start with hair and makeup no later than 2pm.


October and November are very busy months of the year, so we try to schedule sessions most days of the week to get all the senior portraits and family portraits in before the leaves fall off. During October the outdoor colors change as the cooler weather comes. The red, yellow and brown colors of the fall leaves make nice outdoor backgrounds, especially for family portraits that could be printed in time for the upcoming holidays. Less daylight hours make it hard to find an appointment time unless you come in during off peak times.


December through February most of the fall colors are gone, although some may think that is not that relevant for Las Vegas, by far that is not the case! Mount Charleston, Corn Creek & other areas in Vegas offer plenty of greens. With fresh and lovely mornings there is a charm to this time of year that is very appealing to many seniors. This time of year is also popular for studio-exclusive sessions. Outdoor sessions in the cooler temperatures are typically done quicker than in the fall and spring to avoid red noses and cheeks.


By March we work with very tight deadlines in order to get portraits back in time for graduation announcements. At that time shooting in Studio is as popular as on location sessions! Shooting senior portraits in Studio appeals very much to seniors wanting a Vanity Fair style shoots. 

April and May

During April and May we can work with a myriad of green outdoor backgrounds again. Seniors get really busy with end of the year activities. By this time the portraits still can be printed in time to be put in the graduation announcements. That said, this is still a great time for family portraits to be taken outside before the seniors go off to college.


June is a great time of the year for senior portraits. One reason is that there is greater availability for daytime appointments since the students are out of school for the summer. The second reason is the nice weather.  The outdoor settings are beautiful with not that extremely hot yet, cooler sunsets & lots of greens, blossoming flowers and trees full of leaves. Summer portraits are good to have pictures for yearbook ads.


July and August are also great months for Senior Portraits. Although the afternoons can be quite hot here in Vegas, the outdoor backgrounds are full of summer colors and beautiful settings. But some of the seniors prefer for that time more of the Studio photography! Unfortunately seniors start to go back to school the middle of August which makes it much more difficult to schedule an appointment.


If you are looking for a modern photographer to create timeless high school portraits for you, I'd love to speak with you. Whether you need Studio photography, outdoor photographs, artistic portraits, or something in between, I'd love to talk to you. Please drop me an email or give me a call. I'd love to work with you!



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