What exactly is the purpose of a headshot?


I know it sounds silly to ask that question but if you will, let’s deconstruct what happens to your headshot from start to finish.  

I promise I’m going somewhere with this! First, you are likely to share the images with your agents and after they’ve made their choices, you probably pay a retoucher or your photographer to retouch some of your images. Then you take steps to print a few 8x10s as well as upload your headshots to casting sites like Actor’s Access. After your images are uploaded to casting sites, your agents submit each image according to the breakdowns and you cross your fingers and hope they’ll work.

THEN the casting director looks through thousands and thousands of submissions (often for one role) in thumbnail form, clicks on possible matches and decides if your headshot is sorted into the “yes, let’s call her in” pile or not.

How do they decide this?

One, your image looks the part described in the breakdowns. Meaning, if the description is of a “strong woman in her 40’s, light hair, that is heading the investigation team,” and your headshot looks like the strong woman in her 40’s with light hair and could be a team leader (dare you to find the headshot with this description below and leave a note which one it is!) then your headshot is likely to be clicked on. 

From there, other variables such as your resume, etc. come into consideration and whoop, within milliseconds, your image is selected for a call or passed on.

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