#1 Tip On How To Shoot Killer Portrait Photography


#1 TIP -  Have a vision


When I’m preparing for a shoot, I have a set vision of what I want the finished product to look like. 

I have all these ideas in my head prior to even photographing. So when it’s time to shoot, I need to get those ideas out of my head and onto the camera.

The dedication to having a vision before I even get on location is something that has drastically improved my work over the years. One of strongest beliefs that I hold up is that photographers are responsible for creating a photographic vision and then passing it on to the entire team – clients, stylists, models, and whoever else is involved in the shoot.

Many photographers expect all the work to come from there clients. When at the shoot location they want their subject to go out on set and do exactly what they have imagined. But the photographer needs to create the vision, communicate it to the subject, and let them fall into it – then they’ll naturally handle it from there, I seen it happen each time I shoot. 

To effectively communicate my vision, I always create story boards for each shoot. These are digital boards that have inspirational photos of what the shoot’s “story” should look like. Then I’d build separate digital boards for ideas on location, poses, mood, hair, makeup, and styling. And always looking to add fresh story boards. The world is your inspiration so I pull images from this archive using the Internet, magazines, movies – anything that helps me craft my vision fir the coming clients shoot. 

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