Wedding Posing Tips for Gorgeous Photos


Your big day is finally here, and all the excitement must show in the wedding pictures as well, because let’s face it, it’s these memories that last a lifetime. The best photographers know how to capture those perfect magical moments. Here are a few wedding posing tips that will help you get some gorgeous wedding shots for your album.

The Touch up 

We have seen so many pictures where people in groups are standing very far apart. It looks like they have just been in a fight or walked into the shot by mistake! Physical contact in a group shot can change the picture from boring to amazing. Phrases like “come on, they won’t bite you. Get closer to each other” can not only get people to laugh naturally, but will also make for a gorgeous photo.
The Look Away 

You can capture the most beautiful pictures by asking the couple to look away from the camera. Ask them to look at their shoes, or over their shoulders. When they are looking away, capture that moment.

The First Dance

The first dance usually happens at the wedding reception. You can go on a different route and ask the couple to practice their first dance away from all the people. Instead of giving them wedding posing tips, ask them to dance like no one is watching. If there is a balcony, capture that perfect picture from above.
 The Walk Away

You don’t want that ‘forced to act natural for the picture’ sort of photo. The best way to avoid it is to tell the couple to walk away, and ask them to discuss about their future plans. And snap a candid when they’re coming back. It doesn’t get more natural than that.
 The Spin 

If the bride has a flowy dress, use it to your advantage. A fun wedding pose will be to ask the bride to spin around slowly. And when she is spinning and laughing, snap that moment and save it forever. 

The best photographers use props to make their pictures more unique. You can give different props to the couple to pose with, like an umbrella, frame or typography props. These fun and goofy pictures will lighten up anyone’s mood.
 Smize with Your Eyes 

Tyra Banks introduced the term smize with your eyes; which means smiling with your eyes. Another good wedding posing tip would be the bride relaxing her face and smizing with a hand on the hip and leaning towards the camera. 
 Lying on the Grass 

For a unique and playful shot, ask the couple to lie down on the grass with their faces close to each other in the opposite direction. Ask then to look in to each other’s eyes and capture that precious moment.
 The Hand Kiss 

Capture the fairytale shot by asking the groom to get down on one knee and kiss the bride’s hand. The joyful moment will be one of their favorites in their wedding album.
The Almost Kiss 

The almost kiss is one of the most famous wedding poses. Ask the couple to get close to each other, but don’t kiss. This makes a best moment for a picture.

These amazing poses will be perfect for your wedding album. If you want to preserve these memories forever, let us help you out and we will make the magic happen! 



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