4 Las Vegas Wedding Photography Locations That Replicate Famous Landmarks


The neon lights, slot machines, and packed sidewalks of Las Vegas are some of its trademark features, but the city also takes inspiration from all around the world to provide stunning visuals for guests. If you plan on getting married in Las Vegas, your wedding portraits can transport you to a whole new world thanks to replicas of famous landmarks.

Learn about the landmarks, how to include them in your wedding photography, and ways the locations come with additional benefits for your wedding session.

1. The Statue of Liberty

Although not even close to the actual size of the real statue of liberty, the huge statue that stands tall outside of the New York, New York hotel and casino is still massive. With the right angles and framing, the Statue of Liberty can create a huge background for wedding portraits.

The placement of the statue allows wedding couples to walk right up towards the front of the statue or have it become a focal point in the background. Bridge walkways that extend over the Las Vegas strip include great views of the statue and offer different angles and lighting options.

One of the main differences between the real statue and the Las Vegas recreation is the details in the face. The Las Vegas version is a little more feminine, but it takes a lot of studying and comparison to point out the details. Along with the statue, your wedding photos can also include the fake New York skyline the hotel also features.

2. The Eiffel Tower

Right down the street of New York, New York, you can enter the country of France at the casino Paris. The interior of the casino is made to look like the exterior streets of Paris, France, but the biggest highlight is the replica Eiffel Tower that stands out front.

The Eiffel Tower is about half the size of the real design, but the raised prop makes the design seem much larger. Low angled photographs can showcase a wedding couple with the tower looming over them in the background. The casino also offers rides to the top of the Eiffel Tower, giving you the chance to capture great views of the whole city from this unique perspective.

3. The Sphinx

There's no need to fly all the way to Egypt for wedding photos when the exterior of the Luxor hotel provides you with a lot of options. Along with a huge pyramid, one of the standout features of Luxor is the massive recreation of the Sphinx.

Unlike the real Sphinx which has been worn down and deteriorated over the years, the Las Vegas Sphinx is well-kept, features colored paint, and lively decor. At night, massive spotlights shine on the creature statue, giving guests a great view of the creation.

For wedding photos, you can go during the day or night and stand on the exterior sidewalk to place the Sphinx within your images. The statue can be seen from a pretty far distance, giving you a chance to take photos from across the street or down the road to help capture some unique angles.

4. The Colosseum

Enter classic Rome when you visit Caesar's Palace. This casino has taken a ton of influence from Roman architecture and one of the main designs that stand out is the Colosseum. The interior is a large stage used for productions, but the exterior recreates the famous Colosseum that still stands today.

Have elegant wedding photos taken with the massive structure behind you and your partner. The Colosseum is a timeless structure and during certain parts of the day, a photographer can capture beautiful views of the sun appearing just behind the building.

Plan out your Las Vegas wedding shoot with our professional service and care at LV Photography. We have extensive experience in the city of Las Vegas and can capture magical moments at any of these landmark locations.



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