2 Las Vegas Wedding Photography Options Beyond the Main Strip


Las Vegas photography is iconic and recognizable. Millions of tourists have taken pictures in front of the Las Vegas sign or infamous casinos like the Luxor Hotel and Casino or the MGM lion. If you're looking for engagement or wedding photography with a Las Vegas vibe and unique touch, then consider ways you can leave the Las Vegas strip for your photo session.

Outer parts of the Las Vegas area feature some unique attractions where you can pose and take photos with a professional photographer. Learn about the locations and open up your options to unique photo sessions.

1. Springs Preserve Botanical Gardens

Capture the beauty of nature in your photography with a selected collection of desert plants at the Springs Preserve Botanical Gardens. The outdoor section of the gardens features a lot of unique locations to take pictures of. The cactus alley features huge collections of cacti planted together. The unique shapes, designs, and styles add a unique flair to the gardens.

You can also pose for romantic pictures at the rose garden. A large trellis can frame you and your partner in for photos taken as roses in bloom surround you. The colorful variety of roses adds a nice romantic touch to your experience.

The botanical gardens also feature a palm garden, which is ideal for wide shots. You and your partner can stand under large palm trees and create romantic poses under the huge plants.

If you're looking for wildlife in the photos, then consider taking pictures in the butterfly habitat. If you stay still for long enough, then a bright and colorful butterfly may land on you long enough for a photographer to snap a memorable photo. You can also explore the wildlife garden for a unique selection of birds, including hummingbirds.

You can walk around and explore the gardens before your photo session to have a good idea of where you want to take photos.

The Springs Preserve Botanical Gardens is located a few miles beyond downtown Las Vegas. Hours vary, but the gardens are open most weekdays.

2. A Little White Wedding Chapel

A little north of the main strip in Las Vegas sits A Little White Wedding Chapel. Though surrounded by other wedding chapels, this is one of the most famous in Las Vegas. Featuring five indoor chapels, an outdoor gazebo, and the world-famous Tunnel of Love Drive Thru, this wedding chapel has married stars like Freddie Prince Jr., Judy Garland, Bruce Willis, and Demi Moore.

Photography opportunities abound at this location. You can relive every moment of your special day in the beauty of the Chapel L’Amour, Crystal Chapel, MJ Chapel, Little White Wedding Chapel, gazebo, or Tunnel of Love. Additionally, if you want, you can capture happy memories in front of the Welcome to Las Vegas sign.

The iconic location is the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos. You can bask in the comfort of a helicopter, enjoy the fun of being in a Pink Cadillac, or even delight in priceless moments such as Elvis singing to you. Enjoy these perfect moments forever with the help of a wedding photographer.

Whether you eloped to Vegas or came with a large wedding party, A Little White Wedding Chapel is an ideal location not just for your wedding ceremony but for photography sessions. You will always remember the excitement of the wedding, the beauty of the location, and the happy memories of the day.

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