5 Questions to Help Choose a Great Wedding Photo Shoot Location


Where should you take your wedding day photos? The answer is as unique and personal as each couple's wedding vision and relationship. But answering a few questions about your choices can help you select the perfect spot for your photo shoots. Discover a few of these key questions.

1. Is It Conveniently Located?

One of your main priorities for a wedding shoot location should be how easy it is to get to and from your other venues. If you choose a spot too far away, you'll waste precious time driving around. Choose one that is too vast and you'll waste more time hiking around on foot.

Other issues that can waste time in your wedding schedule are difficult parking, likely traffic congestion, and lines. Avoid these when possible.

2. Will It Be Crowded?

Try to avoid shoot locations that will have other people. Crowds add complexity to the photo shoot, which you may not want to deal with on a tight wedding schedule. You will spend valuable time working around other people, waiting for spots to clear out, and even waiting your turn in front of popular photo spots. In addition, the inevitable inclusion of strangers may cause you frustration or stress. 

3. Does It Reflect Your Personality?

The background for your wedding photos should, as with all things on your big day, reflect your personalities. Love the outdoors? Go to a local park. Does your wedding have a vintage vibe? Head downtown to find some architecturally interesting buildings. Want a formal feel? Try a fountain or a museum. 

One good resource to find spaces that reflect your style is your wedding photographer. They can provide guidance from personal experience with a variety of local venues and couples they've already worked with. Talk to them early if you have trouble choosing a location with personality. 

4. Can You Go Outside?

Outside venues for wedding pictures result in some of the best pictures in the long run. There are many reasons — including a variety of backgrounds, naturally attractive spots, and great natural lighting. So, try to choose a spot where you can get outdoors. While many couples opt for an all-outside location, you can also pick a building where you have access to both indoor spots and the outdoors beyond. 

5. Does It Provide Variety?

The more options your photo shoot offers, the easier you’ll get great results. You can change angles, backgrounds, lighting, and poses. You can get lively pictures in motion. And you can interact with different props and elements. But you don't want to go to many different spots to achieve all this, resulting in lost time and effort. Instead, look for one or two locations that provide variety.

This may not be as difficult as you think. For instance, a local botanical park may offer a wide variety of colors, blooms, and plants as well as hardscape props such as benches and gazebos. And one downtown block may yield a wide array of doorways, stairs, fountains, benches, and masonry to choose from.  

6. What Is Allowed?

Never assume you can just walk into a location — even a park or river's edge — and take pictures without asking permission. Before setting your heart on a particular spot, research who owns it and what rules they have for photo shoots. Many spaces allow commercial photos with written permission and a fee. Your photographer may already be familiar with many local venues' rules, so be sure to ask. 

The best way to answer all these questions as you assess potential wedding photo locations is to work with an experienced local photographer. Anyone planning a Las Vegas area wedding can call on the expertise of LV Photography. We will help you find a location that fits your wedding timeline, your personality, and your photo goals. Call today to make an appointment.



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