How to Best Capture the Lights in a Las Vegas Wedding


Every good photographer knows that knowing the best way to capture lights in wedding photography is the key to producing moments of magic on film that will last a lifetime. In Las Vegas, as a photographer you have to be versatile with your technique and equipment, since couples will want you to shoot the perfect snap irrespective of the setting. You must capture the light perfectly so that the pictures turn out to be gorgeous every single time.

In the morning, it is easier for photographers to capture lights, especially when you’re outdoors – the sun being a big shining natural source. But when shooting at night, there could be a lot of hurdles that a photographer may have to overcome, like a tricky DJ light setup or failing light during sunset on a beach. 

Here are a few tips on how to best capture the lights in a wedding photography shoot in Las Vegas. 

Match the Light 
Usually, during the couple’s first dance, the DJ turns the house lights all the way down and flashes colorful lights for effects. 
It could be hard for the photographer to capture pictures in this unusual setting. 
Instead of adding extra light, the best way to capture the pictures is to match the off-camera flash and the on-camera flash to the room’s existing light. 
Adjust the custom color temperature settings on your camera to get better pictures. 

Use a Reflector
It is better to use a reflector in places where there is low light. Like if you are shooting a wedding at a beach during sunset, the lights will not be bright enough to get a clear picture. The Reflector will help reflect all the available light around you onto the subject. 

Use Slower Shutter Speeds and Higher ISOs
Situations where it is extremely dark, the best way to capture lights is by using slower shutter speeds and higher ISOs. This allows your camera to capture all the ambient lighting it possibly can. This will help with the light balancing of the pictures. 
The picture will neither be too “flashy”, nor will it have bleak and pitch-black backgrounds. 

No Fearing the Flash 
When shooting in dark, most photographers avoid using the flash. How many of us have seen the horror stories with the too bright flashes? But fear not, flashes can be a lifesaver in weddings where there is little light, you just have to know how to use it your advantage.  
First things first, you need to get off the auto mode. While your camera is in the manual mode, adjust your flash to 1/6th or half power. That way the pictures will have perfect lighting.
Photography in dark can be a scary thought, especially wedding photography, but if you follow these simple tips, you can capture the lights and make the wedding pictures look breathtaking. 
Our photographers have a way to capture amazing photos which will make your wedding day even more magical. 



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