5 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Wedding Photographer


When you hire a professional wedding photographer, you do so in order to capture great photos of your special day. However, creating a good wedding photo album is not the only reason to work with a pro for your nuptials. What other benefits might they provide to the happy couple? Discover five of the most important ones.

1. Advice on Venue Details

Professional photographers can help you make a variety of venue-related choices for your wedding. A skilled photographer can analyze your venue options and locations or settings to understand how each spot might look in photos, on video, and from different angles. They know how to get great lighting, choose the ideal time of day, and place wedding elements for maximum appeal.

So, whether you're still searching for a venue or you need help arranging it, a photographer is a solid resource.

2. Additional Photo- or Video-Related Services

Wedding photographers today do more than just take pictures of the cake cutting. They also provide many different services related to photography and videography. For instance, some photographers offer photo booth services to help your guests have fun during cocktail hour or the reception. You might also be able to get aerial shots, wedding videos, slide shows for the rehearsal dinner, or editing of guest photos. 

If your chosen wedding day photographer doesn't offer some specialized service you'd like, ask them to search within their network. Like any local industry, wedding vendors can often be tight-knit and willing to refer others to help your big day be its best. 

3. A Professional for Other Occasions

Your wedding isn't the only day you could use the services of a professional photographer. What about before and after the big day? First, wedding photographers are often willing to start your relationship early by documenting everything from the proposal to engagement pictures to wedding showers.

Then, after the wedding, you may want a professional to photograph your anniversaries, do pregnancy and newborn photo shoots, and cover milestones like college graduation, family reunions, holiday gatherings, and even business photos. By developing a business relationship with a photographer at your wedding, you always know who to call and what to expect. 

4. Help Relaxing and Looking Great

Unlike amateur photographers in your circle, professionals have experience working with many personalities and couples. If you're anxious about any aspect of your appearance or are unused to having your photo taken, the photographer will help you get more comfortable. They will work with you to make you look your best, bring out your personality in photos, and minimize unwanted features.

Knowing you look great helps build confidence in many hesitant spouses-to-be. This will make you walk taller, relax more, open up, and have a good time. And that translates to a better experience whether or not you're in front of the camera. 

5. Recommendations About Vendors

Experienced wedding photographers have worked with many people in the local wedding industry over the years. Use their experience to help find great vendors without having to do all the research yourself.

In addition to being personally familiar with venues, they also often have had personal interaction with bakers, caterers, hair and makeup artists, and wedding planners. And if they haven't personally worked with some vendors, they may know plenty about them from others within the local wedding community. 

Where to Learn More

Want to know more about these and other benefits of using a professional wedding photographer? Las Vegas area couples should start by meeting with LV Photography today. We offer a wide array of services and can help you throughout the wedding process — and beyond. Call today to make an appointment and learn more.



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