Why You Should Hire a Professional Photographer for Nighttime Wedding Ceremonies


A night wedding is a unique way to enjoy the outdoors, get married under the stars, and create a ceremony that feels romantic and magical. However, the nighttime scenario does create some obstacles, including the photography you take for the wedding. But a professional photographer not only knows how to capture pictures in the dark but can take the process a step further.

Learn why you should hire a professional photographer for nighttime weddings and the advantages that come with their skills.

Proper Lighting

A typical flash from a phone or digital camera will often create the same type of photo. The skin and face of a person are blown out, the background is hard to see, and a red-eye effect will often appear. A photographer has multiple ways to light a wedding at night and avoid those overly bright flashes.

If they use flash, a professional has access to a light meter and an advanced flash with complete control. In some cases, multiple flashbulbs will provide proper fill lighting to ensure everything is properly lit.

A professional may install a lighting kit so flash isn’t necessary at all. During the prep for the wedding, a photographer can do a run-through of the area, check out the current lighting options, and determine what additional lights are essential for the process.

Artistic Lighting

Along with clean lighting for ceremony shots, a photographer has some chances to play around with artistic lighting for a wedding portrait session. If the moon is bright enough, a photographer could capture dramatic shots of the wedding couple in just the moonlight. The couple could stand underneath a streetlight and have the dim lights create nice shadows and depth.

If you have string lights or specialty lights for a ceremony, then a photographer could capture some photos with just the natural lights. Go into the wedding with an open mind, and allow a photographer's creative energy to spark new photo ideas. Some of the pictures could become your favorites from the whole wedding day.

Narrow Aperture Shots

If you marry underneath the night sky, then you will likely want pictures to capture those memories. On devices like phones and basic digital cameras, the night background will often feature blurry dots or be completely black. A professional photographer has mastered the manual mode of their camera. A big part of the manual mode includes the aperture.

When a photographer uses a narrow aperture, more of the photo comes into focus. This allows a lens to capture the wedding couple in focus while the background also stands out. So if the wedding couple stand close with a sky full of stars around them, a narrow aperture would capture everything in focus.

A photographer would also increase the shutter speed so the shutter stays open a little longer and the stars appear bright and in focus.

First Look Golden Hour Sessions

Before day turns to night, consider booking a photographer a little early for a first look golden hour session. A first look session is an exclusive moment between the wedding couple where they reveal each other in all of their formal wear. The newer tradition takes place before the wedding. Not only can you get great pictures from the session, but the process can calm nerves too.

Golden hour is one of the best times to take pictures. The sun is lower in the sky so the brightness and colors are not as harsh. The sunlight allows for some creative shots, like silhouettes, lens flares, and glowing outlines. The time window is short and will help lead right into the nighttime ceremony.

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