4 Reasons to Skip Wedding Family Formal Portraits


Wedding traditions offer a lot of great moments and elements to remember, but in many cases, people have evolved from some of the classic traditions. As you plan your wedding day, one element you may want to consider scraping from the plans are the formal wedding portraits.

Typically taken right after the ceremony, the formal portraits include the wedding couple posing with their wedding party and various members of the family. Skipping out on the formal portraits comes with a lot of benefits and replacement options ideal for your memorable photos.

1. Enjoy Replacement Options

The elimination of family formal pictures doesn't mean you will have less pictures from your wedding day. A photographer with an eye for a documentary style of shooting can replace those pictures with artistic and memorable candid photos from your ceremony and reception.

Instead of a posed picture, a photographer could capture a special hug or a parent smiling with their child as they talk about flowers. A photo of family members talking and laughing together often has a lot more emotion than a posed formal photo. The pictures bring out the personalities of your guests and capture key moments.

2. Save Time

No formal portraits will save you a lot of time on your wedding day. The whole process could take 30 minutes to an hour where you have to wrangle family members together, sort everyone out, and then pose people for each shot. Save the extra time and get to the reception faster.

For wedding couples, you also have the option to expand more on your own personal portraits. Instead of squeezing multiple sessions in together, a couple can take their time, enjoy quiet moments alone, and capture all of those moments with pictures.

The saved time can help reduce stress and give you more time to enjoy appetizers and mingling with guests before dinner.

3. Have Fun With Creative Wedding Shoots

Consider using the time for family portraits to do something creative on the wedding day. A lot of artistic options are available and can create unique pictures you display for years in the future. For example, at night, the city of Las Vegas has lots of unique lights. Nighttime photos can create dramatic flares, unique colors, and fun poses.

You also have the opportunity to take the extra time for outfit changes. Have fun dressing up in different themes and designs that capture the personalities of the couple. Also, consider some novelty photo options like photos with sparklers or fireworks.

When you choose a photographer, look through their galleries of previous weddings to see some of the options available. The galleries will showcase their style and help spark a lot of unique ideas.

4. Rent a Photo Booth

If you still want to capture some memorable family moments, then consider a photo booth rental for your wedding. As the reception goes on, a photo booth represents a unique opportunity for guests to pop in and out and capture images. Along with instant prints of all the booth photos, the wedding couple will receive digital copies as well.

The digital copies can serve as an ideal replacement to family formals and capture a lot of fun moments with family members. The photo booths remove a lot of the stiff posing from pictures and allow people to relax as they group together and snap portraits.

Plan out your wedding day with our professional services at LV Photography. I can help capture unique memories, offer photo booth rentals, and will make your day memorable whether you choose to do family formals or other photo options.



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