5 Key Questions to Ask a Wedding Photographer Before You Hire Them


You should hire a professional wedding photographer to capture your wedding's memorable moments. You want to find an expert who'll advise you on the best wedding photos to take. Yet, with so many photographers, it's hard to decide the right one to hire. 

So, how can you overcome this obstacle? Read on to discover five key questions to ask a wedding photographer before you hire them. 

1. How Long Have You Been a Professional Photographer?

Today, anyone can buy a camera and claim to be a professional photographer. Unfortunately, this person doesn't have the experience to take high-quality images. So, before you hire a wedding photographer, ask them how long they have been in this field.

Your goal is to choose an experienced photographer you trust to take high-quality images. A photographer who'll guide you on when to take wedding photos. The idea is to take pictures of the key moments of your wedding to preserve memories. 

2. What Is Your Wedding Photography Style?

You might be tempted to choose the most popular photographer to save time. You feel they have the right skills and experience to offer services that meet your needs. However, this might be a huge mistake if this photographer's style doesn't match your wedding vision. 

They'll take pictures that don't capture the key things you want. Also, their photo editing skills might not be to your liking. You need to ask a photographer their wedding photography style to avoid this mistake.

3. Can You Provide a Full Wedding Gallery?

Most photographers have fancy websites with a wide range of wedding photos. Unfortunately, these images are only a small portion of the total wedding. You cannot rely on them to help you pick the right photographer. 

Your best bet is to request a full wedding gallery. If a photographer cannot provide this gallery, move on to another photographer whom you can trust to take photos of all the key moments in your wedding. 

The full wedding gallery will also give you some ideas on the best local photoshoot locations. The idea is to pick sensational locations to have a wonderful event. 

4. What Are Your Wedding Packages?

Before you settle on a given photographer, find out the wedding packages they offer. The packages will include the number of hours, a second photographer, engagement photos, and prints and albums. You need to compare the features and the pricing of these packages to pick the one that best fits your needs. 

To simplify your work, look for a photographer willing to customize your wedding photography package. The idea is to have the power to tailor the package to meet your specifications. 

Before you settle on a given wedding package, insist on seeing the contract. Find out the photographer's retainer fee, payments, refund policy, copyrights, and print rights. The goal is to know beforehand how much it'll cost you to hire a given photographer.

You also need to know what happens if you book the photographer, but you're forced to cancel the contract before the wedding day. 

5. How Long Will It Take to Receive the Wedding Photos?

After your wedding day, the next big thing is receiving the wedding photos. You might refresh your email a couple of times every day to check if the photographer has sent them. To save yourself this trouble, ask the photographer beforehand how long it'll take to receive the photos.

Ask the above question to find the right wedding photographer to hire. You want to pick an expert who offers amazing wedding photography packages that fits your needs. Call us today at LV Photography for incredible and affordable wedding photography services. 



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